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Lake Brandt Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 18, 2022
1901 Trosper Road Greensboro, NC 27455
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Beginning History Of Lake Brandt Baptist Church

Kermit and Molean Simmons, our charter members, had a desire to see a church in the community.  Not knowing where to begin they talked with Rev. Elijah Lankford and told of their desire for a community church.  After much prayer they talked with neighbors and they too expressed a desire for a community church.  They began having prayer meetings in homes.  All were in agreement for a church to be started.  Rev. Elijah Lankford recommended to the members of Lake Brandt Community Rev. Lee Beach to be pastor.  In January 1948, REv. Lee Beach and members of the community came together to discuss establishing a Baptist church in the Lake Brandt area.  They continued to have prayer meetings in the home or Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, tis house was later purchased by the church.  In May 1948, the church purchased an old army barrack for $300.00.  Colon Cox provided the land for the building.  On September 19, 1948, services were held for the first time in this building.  Lake Brandt Baptist Church was organized with twelve members.  At a regular meeting ofthe Piedmont Association in October of 1948, Lake Brandt Baptist Church was accepted as a member of the Association.  Rev. Lee Beach was elected pastor and he served until 1951.  Rev. Dobbs served in 1952, Rev. Pretchett served from 1953 - 1954, Rev. Covington served from 1954 - 1959.  Rev. Luke Chandler was voted in as pastor in 1959.
On November 5, 1966, a ground breaking service as held for a new building.  The third Sunday of September 1967, services were held in the new building for homecoming.  In 1970 an addition was added to the building.  Rev. Luke Chandler retired in 1974, after serving 15 years, due to his health.  Rev. Serman Young served as supply pastor from August 1974 - December 1975.  Rev. Joe Miller served his first term from January 1976 - May 1978, followed by Rev. Paul Luttrell who served from 1979 - 1982.  Rev. Joe Miller returned in November 1982 - 1989.  In September 1989 Rev. Randy Pearman was asked to be supply pastor.  On December 3, 1989, Rev. Randy Pearman was voted in as pastor.  In 1991 a new fellowship building was constructed.  Following this other projects have taken place such as; remodeling the sanctuary, stained glass windows, paving the parking lot, remodeling restrooms and the purchase of a new piano.  We celebreated 50 years with a tape of our choir, a church directory and a multi-purpose building.  In 2008, we celebrated our 60th anniversary.  Between our 50th and 60th anniversary, the Lord allowed us to purchase a new organ, add a 40x60 carport off the back of the church, update the fellowship building with commercial-sized stainless steel appliances, replace the old church sign and a new directory was made.  We thank the Lord for supplying our every need.
Those attending the first Sunday School:
Mr. Billy Barker                                           Miss Nancy Dillard
Mrs. Beulah Beach                                       Mrs. G. W. Johnson            
Rev. Lee Beach                                            Mrs. Irine Johnson    
Miss Mrs. C.C. Bennett                                Miss Jeanette Johnson
Mrs. Weldon Bennett                                   Miss Linda Kay Johnson
Mr. J.H. Cain                                               Miss Mary Sue Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Otic Cain                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Cox                                  Mrs. Alma Long
Mr. Roger Cox                                              Mr. Kermit Simmons
Miss Betty Dillard                                         Mrs. Molean Simmons